This week

This week

Sunday, February 18 – Saturday, February 24


Order of Service

Sunday February 18
10:15 am – Prayers in the Vestry
10:30 am – Worship Service
11:40 am – Refreshments in the Church Hall
12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. – Christ in Art in the Sanctuary
3:00 pm – Sundays at 3

Monday February 19
4:00 pm – Hamilton Out of the Cold Dinner

Tuesday February 20
10:00 am – ‘Knit & Knatter’ (Guild Room)
7:00 pm – Youth Ministry in the Hub
7:30 pm – Mission Committee Meeting (Allan Room)

Wednesday February 21
12:10 pm – Holy Communion in the McPherson Chapel
1:30 pm – Worship Committee Meeting (Board Room)
8:00 pm – Pick-up basketball in the Gym

Thursday February 22
4:00 pm – Hamilton Out of the Cold Dinner

Friday February 23 
7:00 pm – Christ in Art Exhibit Opens in the Sanctuary

Saturday February 24  
8:00 am – Men’s Breakfast
9:00 am – Chapel Prayers (McPherson Chapel)

Christ in Art Exhibit

Opening Friday February 23 at 7:00 p.m.
Exhibition “Christ in Art” will be shown at Central Church during Lent 2018. Sixteen print images of Christ-centred masterpieces, spanning from the eighth to the twenty-first century, inform us about events in our Lord’s life from the Last Supper to the Resurrection. The images will be accompanied by a text with the proper art label, followed by a short meditation and a prayer.  The exhibition will be open on Friday February 23; the art will be on display until Saturday March 31.

Central AGM
February 25 – Central’s Lunch and Annual General Meeting 11:45 a.m. (following the service), including samosas from Sensational Samosas and an opportunity to plan for the year ahead as a congregation.

The prayer team confidentially prays for your concerns. If you have a special need or prayer request, please contact Donna Thomas at 905-664-8107. Please keep Eileen Reynolds, Harry & Ria Olivier, Tricia Ferenbach, Eliza Charles, Frances Talbot, Kelly Marquette and Harold McKinney in your prayers.

Save the Date

Sundays at Three – A series of Lenten concerts

  • February 18 – Brahms Liebesleider Waltzes. Beverly Bronte-Tinkew; Mari van Pelt, Brian Power, Tom Fleming, with Paul Grimwood and Timothy Lo, piano duet
  • February 25 – Stillman Matheson, organ
  • March 4 – Evensong, Central Presbyterian Church Choir
  • March 11 – Sara Traficante, flute; Kirk Starkey, cello, Paul Grimwood, harpsichord
  • March 18 – Stabat Mater, Pergolesi.  Beverly Bronte-Tinkew; Mari van Pelt
  • March 25 – Chris Teeuwsen, organ

Mission Moments…. February 18: World Day of Social Justice (Feb 20)
In the community where Clara lives in rural Guatemala, many people believe that women can’t be strong leaders. As a result, Clara once lacked confidence in her abilities. This all changed when she participated in PWS&D–supported workshops designed to strengthen women’s voices at home and in the community. Clara now works as a treasurer and health commissioner with organizations that are making her community a better place to live. While fulfilling her passion for leadership, Clara is paving the way for future generations of women to help build more prosperous, just communities. “We are highly grateful to PWS&D for supporting us in order to significantly change the hard reality of oppression and marginalization that exists.”

PWS&D promotes gender justice

February Events

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