CPC Choir
CPC Choir

Under the direction of Paul Grimwood, Central is well known for the quality of its choir and music, both on Sunday mornings and in special services and concerts throughout the year.

Annual concerts

◦ Good Friday Concert.
◦ Candlelight Carol Service: This service takes place on the second Sunday in December at 7:30 p.m. with traditional and lesser known carols and features our choir, accompanied with brass and organ.
◦ Sundays at Three: A series of free concerts on Sunday afternoons in Lent. The organ is a regular feature, but there are vocal and chamber music presentations as well.
Sundays at 3 for 2018

Soprano: Beverly Bronte-Tinkew
Alto: Mari van Pelt
Bass: Tom Fleming

“Behold, the tabernacle of God” was written by Paul Grimwood as part of the 175th Anniversary celebrations of Central Presbyterian.  It was first sung on Sunday, October 16.
Children’s Choir

The CPC Children’s  Choir participates in the worship service at least four times per year. The choir is directed by Sara Traficante and all children are welcome to participate.
Christ Be Our Light: CPC Children’s Choir November 20