Refugee Support

Refugee Support

Syrian Refugee Update

We are excited to announce that the Almahamid family will be arriving in Hamilton on Thursday July 13th. The committee is busy preparing for their arrival, and appreciates your continued support. While we hope to secure permanent accommodations for the family prior to their arrival, the rental market is extremely competitive and we may need to provide temporary accommodations for them. Please let Tabitha Marshall know ( ) if you have any space available to rent (2 or 3 bedrooms) for the short- or long-term. We also continue to accept donations of household items — please see the list in the church hall. Small items may be left on the stage on Sunday; we will arrange to pick up large items (e.g., furniture) from donors. Our thanks again for your prayers and support.

Syrian Refugee Project    

It is with great joy that the Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Committee announces that Central Presbyterian Church has been matched with a family. In the next four to twelve weeks, we will welcome a family of five to our community: father (35), mother (31), two daughters (10 and 6), and a young son (3). As we learn more about this family and prepare for their arrival, we will communicate ways that we can all help. Please keep them in your prayers.

Currently, the committee is fulfilling the list of requirements, below, and would appreciate in-kind donations and help in any of the areas noted:

‘Sponsors are responsible for: meeting the refugee(s) upon arrival, securing lodging, and paying start‐up costs (furnishings, housewares, and initial clothing). They help them to register for school (if there are children), language classes, provincial health care and the Interim Federal Health Program, as well as for income support programs (e.g. family benefits), where applicable. The sponsors provide an introduction to public transit and to shopping wisely in Canada, and extend friendship and emotional support’ (Presbyterian World Service & Development, The Blended VOR Initiative).

 Syrian Refugee Update: All Hands on Deck!
Our thanks again for everyone’s support for our Syrian refugee family.  Sometime this summer, we will welcome a family of five to our community: father (35), mother (31), two daughters (10 and 6), and a young son (3).  In preparation for their arrival, the committee is very busy finding accommodations and arranging for interpreters, health care, language classes, education, family benefits, etc.  Can you help? We would love some more volunteers (especially those with flexible schedules), as well as donations of household items (a list of items is posted in the gym/hall).  Please contact Tabitha Marshall ( and/or Katie Weresch ( if you are interested in helping.
Click here to donate online to the Syrian Refugee Fund.

Central has sponsored two families of refugees from Pakinstan.

  • In 2012 Peter Bhatti (International Christian Voice) approached Central to sponsor a Pakistani refugee family who had to flee their home due to religious persecution. The family of six now lives in Hamilton, free to practise their Christian faith.
  • In 2014 Reuben and Eliza Charles asked Central to co-sponsor their family from Pakistan. The family was  forced to flee to Sri Lanka as refugees, where they waited 5 years for an opportunity to enter Canada.  As of March, 2017 they have been reunited with family and are settled in Flamborough.