Church Library

New and exciting things have happened in our Library. Many new books have been purchased written by New York Times bestselling authors, Phillip Yancey, N.T. Wright, Karen Kingsbury and others. There are books for parents looking for help with raising their children and for young people looking for guidance. Books on health and aging, Christian living and help understanding the Bible, are ready to be borrowed.

Within the Guild Room, there are a number of Christian fiction titles to fill your leisure hours, books on cooking, baking, gardening, stitchery (cross stitch, knitting) and books for your children to help them learn and grow. There is also a DVD section with Christian Fiction adult movies as well as many focused on Christian family adventures. Visit the Library for yourself and see the wealth of good books and movies that are there just for you.

Each Sunday following the worship service, there will be a special table set up in the church hall with some selected books for you to browse through. If you have any questions or need assistance, ask one of the library assistants on duty.  Drop in to meet us in the library and have an enjoyable read.

Borrowing Books

If you would like to borrow a book, simply remove the card and write your name on it.  Either leave the card in the box in the library or give it to one of the library assistants on duty that day.  These books and the others in the collection may be borrowed for a period of one month.  They may be renewed as many times as necessary at one-month intervals.  However, if a book goes beyond the due date, a contribution of a loonie for the library will be requested!

The Church Library is located just outside and within the Guild Room. A large variety of books is available to be borrowed, as well as audio tapes of the Bible and Living Faith.

On-Line Library

There is an extensive collection of links and information available from the Presbytery of Hamilton Library. For more information, follow this link.