Committee members graduate from the committee in year given, at the AGM.   Members can serve two 3 year terms, are in their first term unless otherwise noted.   They must be asked, and agree, to serve their second term.

Worship:  Class of 2017 are Elspeth Thompson (chair, 2nd term), David Koyzis (2nd term) .  Class of 2018 is Ryan Sero (2nd term).  Class of 2019 are Melissa Biksa, Sara Traficante, Jim Dunlop (elder), Judy Johnson (in 2nd term, elder).   (Marshall and Lyall come off at 2017 AGM with terms fulfilled)

Discipleship:  Class of 2017 are Jeremy Sandor (chair), Adele Pierre (elder), Anne Newman, Hans Ziemann, Shannon Smith.   Class of 2018 are Bryan Fletcher.  Class of 2019 are Stephanie Fifeld (2nd term), Barbara Smibert (elder), Michael Gallaugher.    (Sandor and Smith come off at 2017 AGM by their request)

RMC:  Class of 2017 are Jim Morgan (Chair), Gwynneth Simpson (elder), Frances Searle (elder).  Class of 2018 are Valery Dunlop, David Ewards (elder).  Class of 2019 are John Prikryl, Laura Loney (2nd term), Bill Guise (2nd term), Sean Fleming (2nd term).

Fellowship:  Class of 2017 are Beth Mackay Reilly (chair, elder), Cathy Keith, Alex Prince, Tracy Woodrow, Bethy Carey (elder), Richard Tablot (2nd term).  Class of 2018 are Mary Guise,  Arlene Wilson.  Class of 2019 are Patti Oosterveld.  (Talbot comes off at AGM 2017 with term fulfilled)

Mission:  Class of 2017 are Josh Weresch, Donna Thomas.  Class of 2018 are Phillipa Ashby, Marie Ford, Nancy Rundle (elder), Gloria Gavin (chair).  Class of 2019 are David Wilson, Karen McWilliams, Jim Walker (2nd term),