Notes on being Head Usher on a Sunday

Notes on being Head Usher on a Sunday

Thank you for being head usher at Central this week.  You are welcome to

1. Be in place by 9.45 a.m.

2. Check that all lights are on in the Narthex and Vestibule, and that the bulletins are there.

3. Set out the name tags of the morning Ushering Team. They are in the drawer of the desk on the north                       side of the main doors.

4. Rope off the back pew on the North side. You will find two red ropes in the North desk. This will   provide discreet seating for those who arrive after the opening hymn. On really busy Sundays, be prepared to seat latecomers in the back gallery.

5. As Head Usher, keep checking that all is well. Close to 10.30 a.m. check the sanctuary so that you know where latecomers can easily be seated.

6. At 10.30 a.m. stay in the Narthex with the Duty Manager until after that person returns from counting the congregation. 

7. Show latecomers down the side aisles

8. Once in the sanctuary for the service, sit in the back pew on the north side, beside the aisle door. Remove the ropes from this pew if they have not already been removed. Keep an eye on the congregation throughout the service. You are the person on whom the Minister will call if there is a need. Your name will be in the Sunday bulletin so that the Minister knows on whom to call.[The Duty Manager remains in the Narthex throughout the service overseeing what happens there] 

9. At the end of the service, be prepared to help the Minister as needed while the congregation leaves through the front doors.